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Programming with open tools

All you need to do is to run iceprog and provide the bitstream .bin file as a parameter.

 iceprog mybitstream.bin

The tool will detect your iCEBreaker erase and flash the binary file.

Programming on windows using Radiant Programmer

The official Lattice tool requires a bunch of manual settings to use.

Here are two screenshots showing all the options you have to choose so that you can program your iCEBreaker.



If the above instructions still result in an error similar to:

 INFO - Device1 iCE40UP5K: W25Q128JV: Erase, Program, Check
 Initialization ...
 Verifying IDCode ...
 ERROR - Function: CHECK_ID
 Expected Data: h17 Actual: hFF
 ERROR - Operation: failed.
 ERROR - Programming Error

You might want to try switching the cable Port. Windows likes to swap them sometimes.